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The Golden Triangle or the famous trip from Jaipur —–> Delhi ——> Agra gives a glimpse of all the important places in North India. It is great for a family trip. Taj Mahal has a mesmerizing beauty that will make your heart melt. Agra also has the Fatehpur Sikri fort which is known for its beauty and structure. When it comes to Jaipur, it does not require a lot of introduction. It is great for shopping, food, traditional architecture and much more.

Most Importantly the place has so much to do that your honeymoon would definitely be exciting. Besides that you can walk around the city and feel like you are traveling back in time. Additionally, Delhi can be a great place if you love to enjoy fancy restaurants and bars with your family. You can also enjoy amazing north Indian cuisine in some of the traditional restaurants there. In short, you can have an exciting family trip by traveling to the Golden Triangle.


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