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Malaysia promises the perfect start to your married life with enviable honeymoon packages. “To Each Their Own” could not have been truer than in the case of Malaysia! It might sound too much like a cliché, but this destination is going to offer you a stardust-sprinkled honeymoon full of all the frills and luxuries your heart desires. You can choose to visit the Tioman Island which is an exotic spread of marine life. The pristine beaches, the tropical jungles and a heady mix of mountain streams will simply take your breath away. It is one of the best places in Asia.


Malaysia is truly Asia! You can also choose to spend your days lazing around on the beach or do kayaking, jet-skiing, surfing, etc. You can even visit the Twin Tower! The Pulau Langkawi is also an attractive option for honeymooners. The sea is bound to allure you and the quaint, picturesque villages are the perfect things to explore together. You can also take a romantic dip at the serene Seven Wells Waterfall!

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