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The Maldives is the ultimate place that has been the chosen place for honeymooners for decades now. With the sky as blue as the waters and the merciful sun beckoning you every morning, this picture-perfect destination is ideal for newlywed couples to go to for their honeymoon and spend some much-needed time together to explore the nuances of their new relationship. The Maldives is an island country made up of hundreds of inhabited and uninhabited islands with extensive reefs, blue lagoons, and white powdery beaches.

Most Importantly there is a lot to experience in the capital city of Malé in addition to a 17th-century mosque built of carved white coral. But the real honeymooning starts when you take the jet ski or the water plane to go to the chosen island to spend some time there on the crystal clear water. Then, it’s just a matter of visiting the island, finding your favorite resort and spending some time with your partner exploring it.

Besides that can enjoy thrilling sports on the Maafushi island, Scuba Diving or Whale shark spotting on Ari Atoll or even visit the manmade residential island that is full of beaches. Therefore the choices are endless!

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