Welcome to Australia

Is it worth visiting one of the world’s most developed yet remote country that is known for its natural wonders and exotic wildlife. It is one of the few countries in the world, where no matter what your taste, budget or age is, it will deliver you an experience of a lifetime. So, it is worth to take that long flight to Australia. The cultural richness and stunning beaches will make sure you will get the best experience of life. Australia should be on the top of your bucket list when it comes to travelling and exploring. Being the continent by itself and world 6th largest country, you get enough to enjoy at your own pace. Various forests and nature to camp allows you to enjoy in solitude and you have many small towns and cities to explore.

Australia offers a golden-sunshine pretty much all year round. The northern part stays in summer-like weather 365-days a year. This makes you enjoy activities like camping, hiking, surfing, at beach at any time of the year. The country is so diverse when it comes to climate that you can see so many variations that will make your experience unforgettable. It is possible that you could be skiing in Melbourne and sunbathing in Cairns at the same time of the year. And no one need to give explanations about the mind-blowing wildlife. You will see so many creatures wandering around in their natural habitat. Where else will you get to see The Great Barrier Reef that is world’s most extraordinary natural wonders. Laid back culture and over the top festivities of Australia will make you fall in love with the country.

Day 1: Arrival in Melbourne

Your journey starts with arriving at Melbourne airport and getting yourself settled in your hotel. This activity includes dinner and you will get a chance to settle down and prepare yourself for the fun that is coming your way.

Day 2: City tour of Melbourne  

Our Morning will start with a city tour of beautiful Melbourne as it would be a perfect way to start your journey. The plethora of restaurants and boutique shops will surely mesmerize you. The exquisite architecture of Melbourne and gardens will blow your mind for sure.  

Day 3: Evening at Philip Island

Philip island, which is a home to little Penguins, they come home every evening. After a long day out at sea, you will get to watch them go in their burrows. And the Penguin parade will surely melt your heart. You will walk out to Summerland Beach and take your seat for Penguin Parade.

Day 4: Full-day great ocean Adventure

You need sit back and explore the Great Ocean Road and its spectacular beauty. You will get to see special species like – whales, dolphins, bandicoots, koalas and kangaroos, etc. Your camera will be given a very good workout and you will get to capture so many beautiful views and animals.

Day 5: Full Day Blue Mountain Tour

Most specular alpine scenery is waiting for you in the blue mountains of Australia. Towering cliffs offers a view that can’t even be forgotten. The wild bushland that carpets the area exudes eucalyptus oil, creating the soft blue haze that gives the range its name. Visiting the Sydney Zoo will give you the feeling of being in Australia.

Day 6: Expose the Scenic World

At world’s steepest train Stroll under the canopy of an extraordinary temperate rainforest on the Scenic Walkway Glide past ancient sandstone cliffs, the Three Sisters & Orphan Rock on the Scenic Cableway is waiting for you.

Day 7: Departure

After mesmerizing yourself with such great experience that will stay will you for the lifetime, it is now time to depart from the beautiful destination. But don’t worry, you will come back because there is always more to explore in a country like Australia.