Jun 22, 2023

“Love travelling alone still want a company? Travel with your pets”

Travelling is not a once-in-a-while topic nowadays. Many people travel to make vlogs, many travel for lifestyle, some for knowledge and some for peace of mind. Many people travel just for a change without choosing a destination. Some travel in groups, some travel solo and some travel with their beloved pets. While travelling with your pets there are a lot of questions that disturb your peace. How will you travel safely with your pets? Where can you go? Which accommodation will allow you to keep your pet there? Will your pet like the environment? And the list just goes on. In this blog we will discuss the best places to travel with dogs, dog-friendly vacation spots, hotels/motels that accept dogs in particular that city and best dog friendly cities to visit.


Tree Of Life Resort & Spa, Jaipur

Situated at a distance of about 21 minutes from Amber Palace, The Tree of Life Resort and Spa serves as one of the best experiences when it comes to boutique resorts in Jaipur. Cuddled between the rippling centuries of Aravalli Hills they offer relaxation in style with unmatched hotel service. The resort has 14 luxury villas spread around 7 acres of beautiful land. The resort offers a bell-shaped infinity pool with a view of hills around it. You can just sit in the pool with your dog beside you and chill for as long as you want. You can also take a walk in the eternal garden with one of the chefs and choose the veggies for yourself and your pet that you will like as salad. The spa also features The Ganesh Abode and Temple for meditation. Interestingly, they have over 100 statues of Lord Ganesha.

RAAS Devigarh, Udaipur

Strategically built on the top of Aravalli Range, RAAS Devigarh overlooks the Delwara village. It has been updated according to time yet has the feel of an old princely palace. The wide-open courtyards are perfect to walk your dogs. Also, meals can be made for your dog on special request. You can be assured of the quality as they have the best chefs, and they take care of cleanliness in the kitchen very strictly. The hotel has multiple indoor and outdoor recreational activities which are suitable for all age groups. They have a wide range of local and international cuisines which are prepared by experienced five-star chefs.


The Inner Temple

The Inner Temple is a homestay that is built in a restored Portuguese Villa. At the entrance, they have a lush green garden which has fruit trees providing home to many birds. Because this is a homestay there are some guidelines if you want to visit there with your pets. You will also need to pay a security deposit in case your naughty companion rips apart the cushions or tries to get the curtains. But if all the guidelines are followed your security will be refunded without any deductions. The garden could be used to walk your dog and do exercise or yoga. All in all, it is mostly a site of history and gives out vibes of the Portuguese lifestyle.

Casa De Xanti

Casa De Xanti is an authentic Portuguese cottage situated in south Goa. It can accommodate up to 9 guests. This property is equipped with all the in-house facilities for a comfortable stay. You will have your own personal parking spot which is free of cost. A huge garden area makes sure that your dog has an ample amount of area to play and roam around. There is a lot of greenery that will calm your mind and help you attain mental peace. It has hammocks, a terrace and even a barbecue so that you do not have to worry about snacks while having a blast with your friends.

The Mandrem House

The Mandrem house offers you a comfortable 5 BHK villa with views of the nearby mountains full of flora and fauna. You will always hear birds chirping. You will come across lots of butterflies that you can play with. It is a totally different environment than the rest of Goa. From walking through mango orchards to chasing butterflies or just relaxing in the pool, this vacation spot will be fun for your four-legged companion & he/she might enjoy it more than you. This property has more than 30 mango trees which are more than 60 years old. Your dog can chase more than 15 species of butterflies. This vacation spot will be equally fun for you as well as your dog.



This vacation spot is inspired by the mountain views surrounding it. It feels rusty and creaky but has all the modern fittings and makes sure that the chilling wind does not enter the rooms. They welcome pets wholeheartedly and also take care of the strays in the surroundings. They match the guest donations which are used to take care of the strays in the surroundings.

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Heritage Village

As it is situated in Himachal Pradesh, it promises beautiful scenic views, fresh air and bonfires. The days start with birds chirping and end with live music around bonfires. It has plenty of room for your pet to roam around and relax whenever he/she feels lazy. This is a perfect spot to get away from air pollution and noise pollution during the festive seasons. It will keep your pet safe from loud noises made by firecrackers.

Meena Bagh Ratnar

This resort is built in between an apple orchard in Shimla. The architecture of the resort is inspired by the Himachali tradition and design. The use of mud and wood for walls combined with modern European aesthetics makes this place a heaven for you and your pet. During the night, sky is so clear that you can literally count how many stars you see. It makes a great view for you and your pet to sit and relax. You can also go hiking if you are looking for adventure.


Deep Woods Resort, Munnar

This resort has airy rooms and a huge outdoor space. It ensures that you and your pet spend some quality time with each other. You will get the best experience of a hill station. You can go trekking on the nearby hills and put up a tent there too. You can have a barbecue there and have fun with your four pawed mate.

Ben’s Homestay, Kochi

There is no need to keep your beloved pet on a tight leash here. The whole property is situated in the quiet corner of kothad and is completely pet friendly. Your charming host will be more than happy to welcome you and your companion. You can even take your pet for a boating trip and visit the farms.

This is a list of places you can go for vacation with your all-time best buddy and have a great time. Happy Journey.