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Maldives Tour Packages

When we talk about Maldives, we talk about nature, freshness, sandy beaches, and romantic candlelight dinners. The tropical charm of Maldives draws everyone to itself and makes sure that everyone takes along a briefcase full of memories with themself.

Maldives is known for its natural beauty, heritage sites and the peace of mind tourists experience. What brings life to this place is not just the beaches and blue little islands but also the fact that it is surrounded with luxurious places. There are thousands of reasons why Maldives should be your next travel destination. As soon as you reach there, you will get your own reason to revisit.

How To Reach Maldives

If you are done imagining a beautiful sky and mesmerizing beaches of Maldives, the next step is to know how you could reach this beautiful destination. You must know the way to reach the place of your dreams. The sandy beaches are waiting, and they are so isolated that you will feel you have entered another world.

There are two ways to reach Maldives:

By Air:

A big country like India has many international airports including Delhi, Mumbai, Kochi, etcetera through which you can directly reach Maldives. There are also many additional flights that connect you to Maldives. It takes about 7 to 11 hours depending upon which airport you are travelling from. You will directly reach to Male International Airport and from there to your desired destination. You also have an alternative option if you are travelling from India. You can land on Velana International Airport to reach Maldives.

By Sea:

Another way to reach Maldives is by Sea. You can easily sail your way to Maldives in 3 to 4 days and the journey will be beautiful for sure. There are many ships that part their ways from Mumbai and Kochi towards Maldives. There are many international ports that will eventually end up in Maldives.

Best Time To Visit Maldives

The land of Maldives will welcome you anytime of the year. But if your goal is to enjoy to the fullest, the perfect time of the year is between November and April. The weather of this island paradise in these months of the year is literally the best and you will be able to enjoy every single thing that you want. It is a perfect period to enjoy sports like – scuba diving, snorkeling, island hopping, etc. But in these months of the year, the prices and the hotel booking are higher than usual as it is the peak season.

You can also visit during May to October depending upon the weather conditions. This time of the year is rainy, so you need to be careful. However, due to a smaller number of visitors, the prices are comparatively less than the peak season, so you can enjoy your vacations without worrying about the crowd.

Best Places To Visit In Maldives

A place like Maldives, which is endowed with immense beauty and welcome tourists from all over the world with amazing hospitality has many places for you to visit. The panorama will keep you mesmerized and make sure you take memories from every place you visit. Tourists call it ‘A Heaven on Earth’.

The most amazing destinations which you cannot miss when you are in Maldives are hereunder:

National Museum Of Maldives:

For the lovers of art and history, there can’t be any better place than National Museum of Maldives. It is truly an escape from today’s reality and takes you to entirely different place where you can trace the trademarks of historical events. There is a lot you can find here. From antiques of different eras, ornaments of different kings and queens, Maldives truly is an epitome of knowledge and experiences.

Location: Chaandhanee Magu, Malé, Maldives

Maafushi Island:

If you want to come out of the usual boredom of life and rejuvenate yourself in the best way possible , Maafushi Island is the place for you. Your Maldives trip is incomplete without a visit to Maafushi island. You can get access to many different places from here and start your adventure in Maldives.

HP Reef:

If you are looking for the beautiful diving sites in Maldives, your search ends on HP reef. It is a beautiful site located in North male Atoll. The entire seabed is covered with brightly colored corals which will certainly capture your attention as they are so full of colors.

Location: North Male Atoll, Maldives

Sun Island:

Filled with loads of adventurous activities, fresh vibes of flora and fauna and astonishing beaches, sun island is one of the most famous locations in Maldives. The location will offer variety of luxurious places to stay and enjoy and will make sure you live to the fullest with best salt baths and herbal spas.

Location: Sun Island, Nalaguraidhoo, Maldives

Grand Friday Mosque:

Situated in the capital city of Maldives, Male, this mosque is the main attraction for the tourists because of its vast towering dome. It is regarded as one of the largest mosques in South Asia.

Location: Orchid Magu, Malé, Maldives

Banana Reef:

This is a small but beautiful island which is famous for its world-class services. The entire resort is settled on water. It attracts thousands of tourists every year and serves them with all its heart. You can enjoy a beautiful marine life along with the beautiful beaches.

Location: Banana Reef, Humhumale, Maldives

National Art Gallery:

When you are in Male, and you are someone who loves art, you cannot miss the National Art Gallery. The place is full of paintings and traditional dresses which are thousands of years old and still serving the purpose. Apart from the museum, this art gallery is also known for hosting different promotional events and documentaries from time to time. You will not get rid of taking pictures and will take a bundle of memories from this place.

Location: National Centre for the Arts (NCA), Olympus Complex, Handhuvaree Hingun, Male’, Maldives

Presidential Palace:

If you want to enjoy the essence of true architecture, Presidential Palace will serve the purpose. It is a huge, yellow-colored building that captures the attention of all the tourists with its beautiful design and amazing art.

Location: Medhuziyaaraiy Magu, Male City 20115, Maldives.

Food To Try In Maldives

Filled with mild-spiciness and delicate sweetness, the food of Maldives is a fusion of the food from its neighbouring countries like India and Sri Lanka. As we all know that the place is mostly covered in water, therefore, Fish is the main food item available. Coconut is also majorly used and is a part of many dishes in Maldivian cuisine. The food is prepared in a unique way, passed down from generations. Maldives is a major tourist destination; therefore, a variety of food options are available whether they are vegetarians or non-vegetarians.

Famous Dishes to try are:

Mas Huni

After reaching the destination, one of the most popular delicacies that you will see in this place is Mas Huni. The dish is shredded smoked tuna, which is garnished with lemons, coconuts and onions. It is mostly served for breakfast. Maldivians eat Mas Huni with Maldivian chapatti called – Roshi.


This dish is made from stuffed and fried dough, this one is a Maldivian snack which is prepared in a traditional manner. It is something like chapatti or bread and served with grated coconut. Restaurants might also add additional spices and curry leaves to make it unique.

Bis Keemiya

Bis Keemiya is where Indian Samosa meets Maldivian style. It is filled with variety of spices and ingredients and the taste is somewhere between samosa and spring roll. It has a very authentic taste because of the different spices used in its preparation.


It is the most popular Maldivian snack, one must try. It is a small-sized dumpling which is usually filled with shredded tuna, sauteed onions, chilies and grated coconuts. It is mostly served with tea or coffee.

Garughiya (Fish Soup)

One of the most basic and popular food item among Maldivians is this fish soup called Garughiya. It is prepared using fish, salt and water. It is served with rice, lime and onions.

Things To Do In Maldives

If you are wondering what exciting things you can do in Maldives, hereunder is a list of things you might want to consider:

Scuba Diving At Maya Thila

Your list should begin with Scuba diving at Maya Thila. This oceanic beauty is covered with amazing views that will leave you speechless. This will definitely be an experience for a lifetime.

Take A Sunset Cruise

One of the most memorable things to do in Maldives is to take a boat and sail your way at the time of sunset. The mesmerizing view of sunset as you sail in the water will give you immense peace and satisfaction.

Island Hoping Tour

Maldives is home to thousands of untouched beaches that you can enjoy in peace. An island hoping tour is a must to enjoy the soothing weather and refreshing vibes of the place.

Beach On Vadhoo Island

Also known as a “Sea of Stars” pay your visit to Vadhoo Island. It glows beautifully at night and will take you to a whole different world. It is because of the bioluminescence phenomena of the sea that the water of Vadhoo Island appears blue and shiny under the moonlight. The water is absolutely safe to play with.

Surfing In The Maldives

One of the most favorite watersports for most of the tourists is Surfing. It is ideal in Maldives because of the gigantic waves that curls up in vast waters of Maldives. The weather of Maldives is such that it allows you to surf for the entire year.

Spa Treatment In Vadoo

One of the most tranquilizing things to do in Maldives is to pamper yourself with the best spa treatments that will relax you from within. Far away from the tensions of city life, Vadoo is a private island in Maldives that will give you a chance to rejuvenate.

Stay In An Overwater Bungalow

With panoramic views and blue waters surrounding you, staying in an overwater Bungalow is something you can do in Maldives to make your trip worth remembering. There are various overwater accommodations available, and you can choose from them as per your convenience.

Explore The Capital, Male

When you are in Maldives, paying a visit to its capital Male will be one of the most amazing experiences for you. You will witness the beautiful parks, artistic heritage buildings, peaceful museums, beaches and much more.

Water Skiing At Meeru Island

If you feel excited about water and its activities, you can plan to visit Meeru island. Skiing will be safe as well as thrilling and will give you a lot of memories to cherish.

Helicopter Tour Of Maldives

To break the monotony of life, the best thing to do in Maldives is to take a helicopter ride of this beautiful place. It is one of the most beautiful experiences one can have in their entire life. Leaving behind the boredom and stress, be ready to view this beautiful place from the sky.