Manali Package – 3N/4D

3 Nights & 4 Days


Shimla Honeymoon Special – 3N/4D

3 Nights & 4 Days


Manali Escapes – 4N/5D

4 Nights & 5 Days


Himachal Paradise – 6N/7D

6 Nights & 7 Days


Shimla-Manali – 5N/6D

5 Nights & 6 Days


Explore Himachal – 10N/11D

10 Nights & 11 Days


Spiti Valley Tour – 9N/10D

9 Nights & 10 Days

Himachal Tour Packages

When we talk about Himachal Pradesh, we talk about natural exquisiteness, snow-capped mountains, green forests, peaceful lakes and astonishing resorts. Himachal Pradesh is a north-Indian state in the Himalayas. It is home to small, beautiful towns surrounded by hills and mountains. It is a host state of Dalai Lama, which adds a strong Tibetan presence to the place. Tibetan monasteries and temples reflect the culture of Buddhists in every possible manner. Be it any adventure, including trekking, rafting, skiing or paragliding, if it is not in Himachal, you won’t find it anywhere else. You will find all of the country’s best tourist attractions, be it Shimla, Dharamshala, Manali or Khajjiarin Himachal Pradesh.

Also known as “Land of Snow”, Himachal Pradesh has snow covered land, gushing rivers and streams during most months of the year. Its exotic natural and untouched beauty attracts people from different parts of the country and the world. The spectacular beauty of the place will make you feel glued to it for the rest of your life. Every particular place in Himachal Pradesh will leave you with a unique experience and there are so many things to do. So are you ready for a vacation in Himachal Pradesh.

How To Reach Himachal Pradesh

After imagining yourself in the Land of Snow with a playground for Gods and humans, the next question in your mind must be about how to reach this beautiful destination? The infrastructural advancements in this mountain state would help you reach the place without any worries. The travel & tourism industry of Himachal is growing at a rapid speed and making this beautiful destination accessible to people from all over the world.

You can reach Himachal by all three means – Air, Road and Train

By Air

There are direct flights for Himachal Pradesh from airports in Chandigarh and Pathankot. There are also three small airports within the state that provide internal connectivity. Gaggal in kangra, Bhuntar in kullu and Jubbarhatti in Shimla provide a smooth air connectivity to the state of Himachal Pradesh.

By Train

Sharing its borders with Haryana, Kalka is a major train station that connects to Shimla. The Kalka-Shimla railway track is a UNESCO World Heritage site. This is an engineering masterpiece from the British Era. The journey from Kalka to Shimla will take you through some spectacular landscapes.

By Road

From the roads of Chandigarh, Kalka and Pathankot, Himachal is the most accessible and most suitable for every tourist visiting there. Interstate bus services are available from Chandigarh, Jaipur, Delhi and other neighboring states. Once you reach Himachal, a good transport and taxi service will help you reach anywhere in the state. You can also do online Bus Bookings.

Best Time To Visit Himachal Pradesh

The best time to visit Himachal Pradesh is when it is out of the windy storms and fluctuating weather. The summer season is the most suitable season for most travelers. The visiting months are generally from March to June or September to December. It depends on the type of weather that suits you. Himachal Pradesh is accessible throughout the year. If you are an explorer and want to explore the beauty of Himachal in its rawest form, then summers are the best time for you to visit the state.

If you are someone who would want to explore the beauty of Himachal while enjoying adventure and sports, you should visit in winter. If you are fond of rain and heavy showers, monsoon is the season for you to visit this beautiful place.

You can visit Himachal in the following months as per your preference -

March To June

These months are perfect for sightseeing and adventure in summer. The weather is pleasant, and you can enjoy the summers without extremely high temperatures. You can attend different festivals like – Maha Shivratri in Mandi and many more.

July To September

These months are the monsoon season in Himachal Pradesh. It is advisable to visit in the beginning of Monsoon as things might get messier during monsoon.

October To February

This time is considered best for exploring the hill stations of Himachal Pradesh. This is the time to enjoy various adventures and sports. The International Himalayan Festival will definitely be a unique experience for you.

Best Places To Visit In Himachal Pradesh

A place like Himachal, which is blessed with picture-perfect natural scenery all over, has so much to offer to its visitors. The amazing hospitality of Himachal will leave you stunned, and you would not want to leave the place ever.

The must-visit places for you when you are in Himachal are as follows


The most gorgeous colonial hill station, known as the Queen of Hills, Shimla will greet you with its picturesque vistas at every stop. Full of colonial-era architecture including, the Viceregal Lodge, the Town Hall, Gaiety Theatre, the Christ Church and many more. The city is located at the foothills of the Himalayas with perfectly snow-covered mountains which make it a perfect place to wander and have fun. When the entire city gets enveloped in the snow, the sight is breath-taking.

Spiti Valley:

It is a remote village up in the close desert mountains, at an altitude of 3810 Km. Spiti Valley is an isolated place, but those who love adventure can’t miss this one. The place will give you a spiritual experience to cherish forever. Buddhist monasteries that are scattered throughout the area and thrilling activities like – trekking, mountain biking, white water rafting will add up to the fun. The high-altitude villages like Tabo, Kaza, Dhankar, Kibber and others will definitely be a treat on your trip.


Manali is another picture-perfect place in Himachal which draws the attention of thousands of tourists every year. Manali is situated at an altitude of 2,050 kilometers on the river Beas valley. Lush Pine and Deodar forests, dreamy waterfalls, attract both nature and adventure lovers.


If you are looking for a place with the best climate in Himachal Pradesh, Dharamshala should be on your bucket list. The place is nested in the upper parts of Kangra Valley. The town is famous for its architectural and cultural attractions. You can enjoy exotic cafes, shops, with the touch of both Indian and Tibetan communities. India’s mini-Tibet – McLeod GANJ, Dharamkot, Sindhbari, and Naddi are worth exploring.


The beauty of Kasauli lies in its unadulterated air, hygiene, peaceful vibes and the abundant presence of nature that attracts people from different parts of the world. It is a small-colonial town, but its less commerce and population is what makes Kasauli different from other areas. The places to add to your wish list are - Baptist Church, Christ Church, Kasauli Brewery, Monkey Point, Nahri temple, Kasauli Club and others.


This is among the places that you can visit anytime around the year. However, to experience the best of this place, winter is the best time to visit as the entire town is covered in white snow and the view is fascinating. Cascading waterfalls, brimming mountains and oak trees will make you fall in love with the place.


Khajjiar is reffered as a tiny slice paradise located between the dense forest of Deodar. It is known as mini-Switzerland of India because of its exotic beauty and the dense deodar forests all around. You can do various outdoor activities like – paragliding, forest trekking and zorbing at Khajjiar Lake. The must visit place is Khaji Nag Temple of the 12th century. It is a concoction of both Hindu and Muslim styles.

Food To Try In Himachal Pradesh

If you are someone who craves good food wherever you go, the food of Himachal Pradesh will give you a pleasurable experience for sure. Once you are done with exploring the natural beauty of the place, the next thing you want to try is the mouthwatering food of Himachal. Himachali cuisine is an amazing, delicious mixture of Tibetan and Pahadi dishes and most of them contain meat.

Following are the must-try food items in Himachal -


Dhaam is an entire ‘Thali’ which is a complete meal. The dish comprises of different food items like spicy curry, red kidney beans, aromatic rice, fried dal, curd, sweets, salad and some jaggary. This cuisine of Himachal is most likely to be served at weddings and other functions. So, when you are in Himachal, make sure you don’t miss the delicious Dhaam.


The most loved traditional food of Himachal Pradesh, Siddu is a must-have for everyone visiting the place. It is basically a local Bun with some special fillings. Its unique way of cooking is what makes it delicious and unique and keeps the entire taste intact.


Babru might look very similar to the Kachoris available in North India, but the taste is entirely different and the way in which they are cooked is also different. You can add flavorful stuffing as per your taste preference.


Madra or Chana Madra represents the unique taste of the state. It is a popular delicacy from Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. Prepared with soaked chickpeas and vegetables, along with various spices, adds to the unique flavor of Madra.

Tibetan Thukpa:

Due to the strong Tibetan influence, you will find various Tibetan dishes prepared in the exact same style. Tibetan Thukpa is one such delicacy which is a must-have in Himachal. It is available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Things To Do In Himachal

If you are someone who likes to try new things, here is a list you might want to consider-

Explore The Mini Switzerland Of India:

Most famous attraction of Himachal Pradesh is Khajjiar lake.

The entire destination is so peaceful that you can spend hours just wandering around. You will get natural therapy and a clearer mindset. The place also gives you a picturesque view of Mount Kailash. Horse riding and Paragliding are the most cherished activities of the place.

Go For A Trek On Triund Hill:

This heavenly place is situated on the laps of Dhauladhar range. Trekking on this hill is one of the best things to do in Himachal. The trail is mesmerizing and will excite the tourists. The trek covers some mesmerizing views of temples, cafes, and waterfalls.

Great Himalayan National Park:

This beautiful wonder of Kullu has been marked as a spot in the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list. The entire region is filled with high alpine peaks, riverine, thick forests, and even glaciers. The forests here are home to 375 different species of animals. Go there to spend some time with nature and animals.

Dussehra Of Kullu:

Every year in October, a one-week long Dusshera festival is celebrated in the Chamba district of Himachal. It is celebrated as a mark of triumph of good over evil. In 1972, it was announced as an international festival and after that millions of devotees visit the place every year.

Test Your Golf Skills At Naldehra Golf Course:

Surrounded in the orchards of Deodar, one of the peaceful activities to do in Himachal is to play Golf at Naldehra Golf Course. It is available anytime of the year and you can enjoy the game by renting out golf sets.

Appreciate The Tibetan Opera Of Dharamshala:

Tibetan Institue of Performing Arts, which was established in 1959 is renowned for conserving and promoting Tibetan culture. A nine-day celebration is the main highlight of this place.

Heli Skiing At Hanuman Tibba:

It is one of the most thrilling things you can do in Himachal during winter. Hanuman Tibba offers you a chance to explore the fun and thrill in its white mountains. Heli Skiing with nature will really blow your mind.

Witness A Century Old – Tabu Monastery In Spiti Valley:

Tabu Monastery, which is also known as the Ajanta of Himalayas is an experience that will change something inside you. This historic treasure is decorated with ancient paintings and attractive murals.