Feb 19, 2024

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Mussoorie is a destination of mesmerizing attractions, peace, and nature. With a magnificent Doon Valley in the backdrop, amazing weather throughout the year, must-visit attractions, and a whole lot of things to experience, Mussoorie deserves the name “Queen of Hills” for sure.

The quaint hill station is the perfect getaway during summer. Many tourists plan their Mussoorie vacation from nearby places like Delhi, Jaipur, and other nearby places. The most ideal time for a trip to Mussoorie is the weekend and if it becomes a long weekend, there’s nothing more you can ask for.

This blog is dedicated to all the things that you can do on a Mussoorie trip for 3 days

So, let's check out the most favorite tourist attractions you cannot miss while on a short trip to Mussoorie.

Best Places to Visit in Mussoorie

Kempty Falls

One of the most popular attractions of Mussoorie is the Kempty Falls. It is a place where you can enjoy a variety of things like boating, swimming, enjoying a picnic, taking a ropeway ride, and various other activities.

The breathtaking view of the Doon Valley and a gorgeous water park works like a cherry on top. While it plays its part as the best attraction for tourists, locals too use this place for picnics. The music created by the waterfalls and lush green beauty has always brought a lot of people to this place.

The time to visit this beautiful destination is from 10 am to 6 pm.

Lal Tibba

Lal Tibba is one of the best places in Mussoorie to spend some quality time with your family. It is the highest peak in the Hill Station that offers an amazing trek to visitors. Adventurers and explorers love visiting this place for the trek and the view they get after reaching the top.

Lal Tibba is situated at a height of 2290 m from the sea level. From this point you can get to the shrines of Badrinath and Kedarnath. While trekking to the top, there are some excellent views you will see.

At the top of this cliff, there is a deck equipped with a Japanese Telescope. It offers a better look at the holy shrines.

Gun Hill Point

Gun Hill is the second-highest point in Mussoorie. It is not only famous amongst tourists, but it is a favorite destination for trekkers as well. It also offers a moderate level of trek that is loved by adventure seekers. However, if you wish to skip the adventure you can take a ropeway ride to the top.

The name Gun Hill Point was given to it because the Britishers used to organize a cannon event here.

It is situated at a height of 2024 meters above sea level. Apart from the exciting activities this location also provides a fascinating view of the surroundings. The beauty is simply magnificent and worth witnessing. Make sure you charge your camera before arriving at the summit because you will get loads of panoramic views all around.

Make sure you have this spot on your itinerary on a 3-day Mussoorie trip while visiting the queen of hills with family or friends.

Company Garden

If you have seen a lot of natural beauty and are craving a man-made picture-perfect location, Company Garden is the best place for you. It is a beautiful man-made creation situated 4 km away from Mall –Road.

The Company Garden attracts loads of visitors throughout the year. The mesmerizing garden with a range of blooming flowers is perfectly nestled amongst the Himalayas. The lush green beauty and fascinating flowers keep tourists engaged for a couple of hours.

Tourists love to stroll through this place while enjoying the electric lawn garden. Photography and nature walks are some of the activities you will enjoy here.

Cloud’s End

Most people are unaware of this beautiful place because it is an offbeat attraction in the Queen of Hills. A short Mussoorie trip for 3 days is incomplete without visiting this magnificent location.

It serves serene natural beauty with a chance to beat the chaos of Mussoorie when you are here. It is one of the fantastic destinations in Mussoorie that one can visit for solitude.

The entire surroundings are filled with sky-high oak and deodar trees. You can see a lot of monkeys jumping from branch to branch over you. Make sure you do not tease them because you won’t like it if they tease you back and keep your belongings in a bag.

Cloud's end is situated 7 km from the Mall Road and is easily accessible on foot. However, you can also take a taxi that will take you to the sunset point.

Jharipani Falls

Jharipani is a captivating fall that provides a very fascinating view for tourists. The waterfall is an exciting place to do water activities with a sublime view of the Shivalik Range. Many adventurers and explorers come here throughout the year except during monsoon.

The Waterfall is covered by creepers, shrubs, and a huge range of wildflower species. The other end gives a sublime view of the Doon Valley. There are various step-farming fields that add to the beauty of this already mesmerizing destination. All of this together amplifies the beauty of this location multiple fold.

If you are a nature lover and adventure freak, make sure you do not miss this location.

Bhatta Falls

About 11 km from Mall Road, Bhatta Falls is another beautiful location to visit. Over recent years it has turned into a vibrant tourist destination and a picnic spot for locals.

Bhatta Falls attracts loads of trekkers which is why it is also nick-named “The Trekker’s Paradise”. It offers a medium level of trekking, and there are a lot of amazing sites and routes. You will have to trek for some time, and you will reach there.

Because of heavy tourist flow, the entire place is colonized. You will find a lot of recreational things to do. There are various small restaurants and eateries around, so you do not have to carry food with you.

Mussoorie Lake

Boating, Zorbing, and zip-lining are some of the activities offered here. Other than these activities, tourists as well as locals love to have a picnic in front of this beautiful valley. If you are on a romantic vacation, this place is a must-visit for you.

There are various shops and eateries for the visitors if you want to enjoy a quick snack. You can also buy souvenirs for you and your family from the shops there. The locals and maintenance staff members call it the A-One Lake. You will understand why, once you reach there.

This attraction will leave you in awe, so you should have it on your checklist for your Mussoorie trip for 3 days. It is situated at walking distance from Mall Road.

Let’s Go to Mussoorie

This mesmerizing location attracts loads of tourists from India as well as international countries every year. You might also have the urge to visit this beautiful destination.

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