Feb 23, 2024

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If we think about the last decade, we used to go to travel agencies, airports, railway stations, or any such place if we wanted to buy our travel tickets. After reaching the destination we used to look for hotels which usually ate up a full day of our vacation.

Coming back to the present, we all have a powerful device known as a smartphone that has endless connectivity. Today we can all our bookings straight from our smartphones. We don’t need to visit any travel agencies to finalize all your travel plans. All we need is access to the internet and a debit or credit card to book our flights and accommodation.

With the help of technology, we can book our travel and accommodation bookings within minutes.

Unify Holidays is one such tour and travel agency that has curated various packages for people who have a passion for travelling. There are many benefits to booking your travel package online and the biggest of them is hassle-free and one-stop booking. Whenever you are planning a trip, you can take advantage of online bookings which helps you save both time and money.

However, this is not the only benefit of online booking. Let's learn what else is there in store for you.

Benefits of booking your vacation Online


This is considered the biggest perk of booking a flight or hotel online. With the Internet, you can make any travel plan at any time of the day. You can plan it at night, during the day, or even at your lunch.

People do not have to go to a travel agency or make lengthy phone calls to make a reservation. People can make reservations easily using their smartphones or tablets.

Numerous Options for Hotel & Flights

When booking flights and hotels online, you will have loads of options to choose from. You can compare the prices and choose the one which suits you the best.

Using online booking services is usually the best way to get the best possible deals.

The first thing when you book a flight online is that you will have a wide range of options for flights and hotels which varies according to your preferred destination.

Overall, you have the power to make informed decisions regarding your trip if you have access to all the alternatives you have.

Competitive Prices

When you make a reservation online, you can look around to choose the best-priced alternative.

Various airlines and hotel websites take pride in having the most affordable prices and discounts for travellers who book their tickets online.

You can also avoid all the hidden charges like extra fees for speaking to a customer care representative over the phone.

Changes and Cancellations

It is convenient and easy to make changes or cancellations to their online reservations. You won’t have to call the airline or hotel for a customer service representative to assist you with the process.

Making an online booking means that you can make the necessary changes whenever you want.

Customer Feedback

The online world is for everyone. If businesses are running online, then people give them reviews too. You can read the reviews and decide accordingly.

This will also help you check the credibility of airlines and hotels ensuring you get the best services for your vacation or business trip.

Access Offers and Deals

Online booking gives travellers access to various offers and deals, such as deals on airport parking fees and airport transfers.

There are some sites that provide travellers with a chance to book holiday activities when they book a hotel online. Customers therefore can plan holidays and vacations more accurately, that too at a discounted price.

Loyalty Points

Booking hotels and flights online enables travellers to gain loyalty points on their credit cards which they can redeem for souvenirs, gifts, or maybe free flights or hotel stays.

These loyalty points give you another level of freedom while travelling or on vacation.


Booking your accommodation or travel online is a faster process because if you use the same website, you will not have to fill in your details every time. If you are a repeat customer, the website will already have your information such as name, phone number, address etc.

Even if you have visited the website once, these details will be kept safe there and will automatically load up when you login to make a plan.


Travellers are not only interested in getting cheap travelling options, but the overall total cost of the tour should be affordable.

This can be made possible with packaged holidays which include travelling, accommodation, and sightseeing in a single go.

Tourists save up to forty percent on the pre-determined packages without compromising on the fun part.

Clear Photos of Hotel & Services

Booking accommodation online allows prospective travellers to browse through all the inclusions of hotel deal packages. You will see pictures of rooms, dining area, amenities, washrooms, and other hotel features.

You can be satisfied that you are getting full value for your money before making the final booking.

Discounted Deals

Travel and tour companies often provide various offers and discounts with their packages. Some travel websites even provide exclusive off-season deals, such as booking for two nights and getting the third night for free.

Less Hassle

You will find everything needed for hassle-free travel on the Internet. You can create your ideal package from the beginning depending on your budget, dates, travel desires and personal preferences.

You can easily find affordable flight options, travel insurance, hotel bookings, and car rental services. You don't need to contact a travel agent or spend a long time waiting for a revert from the planner.

Track the Prices

Booking online will allow you to easily track the prices of flights and hotels. Prices fluctuate daily, but you can set price drop alerts so you will be notified every time there is a price drop or change on the website.

You can also get some great deals by simply watching out for the prices on different price comparison websites.

Total Cost of Flight & Hotel

When you plan your trip and book online you will get the overall price of your tour. It includes all taxes and additional expenses, so you get a basic idea of the budget.

This means that the price displayed on the screen is what you will have to pay for your accommodation and travelling. This way the customers are fully informed that they do not have to pay any secret charges upon arrival.

One Stop For all Travelling Requirements

Some well-reputed booking websites like Unify Holidays not only offer flights and hotel bookings, but also car rentals, cruises, & business class flights for a hassle-free vacation.

If you are looking for a full-fledged travel experience, you must buy a complete package from any tour and travel agency like Unify Holidays. It is a very informative and user-friendly website with a solid infrastructure.

It ensures that the booking and payment process are reliable and easy.


Well, who does not love travelling? Everyone wants to set foot outside their general routine sometimes. Unify Holidays makes it easy for travellers to plan their vacations and simplify their travel experience.

We have various packages made for different destinations filled with fun and excitement. Our packages are designed specially so that you can have all the best experiences during the trip.

Unify Holidays envisions making travelling easy and accessible for everyone. We do all the travelling and accommodation bookings beforehand, so you don’t have to feel any hassle.

All you have to do is pack your bags and have loads of fun.