Paris Getaway– 3N/4D


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Paris brings you an array of visual treats, and to help you explore the most of it, we arrange everything with utmost precision!


Day 1: Arrival At Paris

Our services get started with utmost efficiency, right on your arrival in Paris. Initially, you will be taken from the airport to your hotel. Upon reaching the hotel, you can check in and then decide how you would like to spend the remaining day.

Day 2: Visit To Eiffel Tower, Seine River Cruise & City Tour

Day 2 will bring you the real feeling of being in Paris. Yes, we will start the day with a delicious breakfast and depart from the hotel for the Eiffel Tower at 10.00 AM positively. We understand the excitement that you must behold, therefore, to help you unleash your excitement into memories, you will first enjoy an exquisite city tour in a double-decker bus, for around two hours. During this 2-hour bus tour, you will get the ultimate revealing of 40 main attractions & iconic monuments of Paris, that includes- the Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Élysées, Notre-Dame, les Invalides, and the Alexandre III bridge. Isn’t it fascinating? But the real moment of magic is yet to pave your way.

While you will be enjoying our historical & anecdotal commentary, free yourself to be amazed by Paris’s splendour. This is the time for you to learn about Paris’s history, landmarks, neighborhoods, & architecture in 9 different languages (French, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, and German), hence you will have your own customized audio guides. On top of that, it will all be in the most entertaining way! Your comfort and contentment are our sole priorities. Therefore, we ensure that all our buses have retractable translucent roofs, which may be opened in winter and closed in case of rain, as well as upper-level heating. Regardless of the weather type, you can still explore Paris, just like you should!

Finally, the time to visit the actual Eiffel tower will come closer. So, here you can indulge in some self-serve drinks & prepare yourself to enjoy the elegant & alluring Eiffel Tower. By using your entry ticket for the Eiffel Tower's 2nd level to gain access. The Eiffel Tower has a never-ending craze as it has about 7 million visits annually and is undoubtedly one of the most famous and popular tourist attractions worldwide. Considering the popularity of the place, it is best to plan ahead, and especially if you are travelling from a distance. Planning will guarantee that both young and old enjoy their visit to this aesthetic emblem of Paris & France.

If you think that your day of exploring Paris has ended, then you are wrong. After visiting the alluring Eiffel tower, prepare yourself for a 1-hour Seine River Cruise Ride. This is one of the best chances to make lifelong memories, so don’t miss any minute of this trip. You have the liberty to treat yourself to a one-hour Seine tour any time of the day or night to explore some of the city’s most fascinating monuments, bridges and historical landmarks from the water. Sounds exciting right? Well, you can also take an enjoyable cruise any time of the day and the best part is there is no set schedule, and you get the open tickets.

Most importantly Paris’s centre is surrounded by the Seine River, hence you have the complete package of exploring and learning about the riverbanks that give you a vivid glimpse of city life as well as some of Paris’s most renowned landmarks. You will have the perk of enjoying all these passing right in front of your eyes along as an add on of this live-commented trip. When your day starts to settle down, you can take the astonishing sight of the dazzling Eiffel Tower during dusk.

Keep up with the visual tour to Paris, you must know that all of our evening routes are majorly adjusted to a corridor which is lit up amidst the Tower’s glittering (once each hour, at different times depending on the season). Therefore, the experience of exploring Paria via boat would always be unique and highly spectacular.

Finally, when all the excursions are over, you can board the car to head back to your accommodation, which would be an overnight stay at the hotel!

Day 3: Day At Leisure

1 Day, 1 Park at Disneyland (Optional Tour)

This is an optional tour, but it can be a lifetime chance for you to make your fantasy Disney World come true. Picture this, there is a theme park like Disneyland where magic takes place every day! Sounds amazing right! Walk, Disney Studios Park is just the same, here the Disney enchantment and the fascinating movie magic collide all together. You can also consider this park as a Disney Village that is always ready with infinite fun & excitement 24/7. Therefore, if you are keen to explore the wonders then wait no more, come today!

When it comes to selecting the tickets for your enchanted trip to Disneyland Paris, you get a plethora of variety. This includes the day passes, which are a treat for either one park or two parks for that matter, also you have the liberty of visiting both the parks of the same day.

You can select from a variety of tickets for your enchanted trip to Disneyland® Paris, including day passes that are good for either one park or two parks, allowing you to visit both parks on the same day. The ideal way to experience Disneyland® Paris is with a multi-day ticket, which permits visits to both Parks on the same day for the selected number of days and offers 2, 3, or 4 days of enchantment and enjoyment.


What's included: Walt Disney Studios® Park or Disneyland® Park

Hotel overnight stay

Day 4: Departure From Paris

After breakfast, depart from the hotel and head to the airport to catch your journey home after an unforgettable tour.