Jai Shree Ram

Ramayana Tour – 6N/7D

Sri Lanka

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About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is known for its friendly smiles, spicy cuisine, unusual fruits, and a variety of sweetmeats that are unique to the country. Due to the coexistence of so many cultures, Sri Lanka hosts several celebrations throughout the year, making it the perfect destination for fun and relaxation.

Unify Holidays has created a complete travel package for you so that you do not miss out on any exciting experience.


Day 1: Arrival In Sri Lankan.

Our representative will welcome you at the airport and take you to Dambulla. You will visit Muneshwaram temple & Manaweri temple on the route.

* Muneswaram Temple, Chilaw.

After winning the battle, Lord Rama rode in one of King Ravana's vimanas (cavalry) toward Ayodhya. He believed that bramhaasthi dosham was pursuing him since he had killed King Ravana, a Brahmin. According to a wise legend, he stopped the vimana when he arrived at this location because he thought bramhaasthi dosham was not following him and prayed to God Shiva for help. Lord Shiva praised Lord Rama and gave him the instructions to erect four lingams and offer prayers to remove the dosha.

Since then, many Hindu devotees visit the Temple.

Afterward proceed to Mannavari Temple that is at a 20 minutes' drive

Manaweri Temple

The first lingam that Lord Rama set up and worshiped to is called Ramalinga Shivan, and it is named after the goddess Manavari. Dinner and hotel stay are included.

Day 2: Visit Thirukoneswaram Temple & Shakthi Peedam.

Proceed to Trincomalee after breakfast.

The sage Agasthya constructed Thirukoneswaram in accordance with the instructions of Lord Shiva after being moved by King Ravana's devotion. This location is special because the Lord built a temple for a devotee as payment for his devotion. On his return, Lord Rama prayed as well to free himself of the Brahmaasthi Dosham.

Shakthi Peedam

There is a little shrine next to the Koneswaram temple that has huge significance to Hindu pilgrims. The first Ashta Dasha (18) Shakti Pita on Adi Shankara's list was the original Shankari Devi temple, which is thought to have been constructed by Ravana; however, Portuguese cannonballs obliterated the entire cliff that the temple was built into. Now, there is only a memorial pillar standing there. And it's thought that the original Goddess idol has been replaced and saved on top of that is also being worshiped in the neighboring rebuilt Shankari Devi temple.

After a full day of pleasing your eyes, you will be brought back to Dambulla. You can have dinner and regain your energy for the next day in the hotel.

Day 3: Dambula to Matale

After having your breakfast, you will be taken to Matale.

You will be taken to Seetha Kotuwa, Dunuvila, Laggala and Weheragantota.

Seetha Kotuwa

The city of Lankapura originally stood where these jungles are now. For Queen Mandothari, the city featured a stunning palace encircled by streams, waterfalls, and many species of plants and animals. Up until her transfer to Ashoka Vatika, Sitadevi was housed at this palace. Sita Kotuwa, which translates to "Sita's Fort," gained its name from Sita devi's stay here.


King Ravana was eventually murdered by the brahmaastharam that Lord Rama shot from Dunuwilla. Vila means lake, while Dhunu means arrow. Lord Rama shot his arrow from this lake, giving this place its name.


The Dunuvila lake's cartels go by the name Laggala. Laggala is a shortened version of the Sinhala word Elakke Gala, which means "Target Rock" in English. Laggala functioned as a sentry post for the army of King Ravana, and it was from this rock that King Ravana received the first glimpse of Lord Rama's army. On a clear day, the northeast side, Thiru Koneshwaran, and the northwest side, Talai mannar, of King Ravana's city may still be seen from this hill, which is geographically the highest section in the northern region of the city. On this rock, King Ravana is said to have meditated and prayed to Lord Shiva from Thiru Koneshwaran.


Weragantota is a site where airplanes can land in Sinhalese. It is thought to have been the first location Sitadevi entered Lanka in King Ravana's Vimana.

After having a lovely day, you will be taken back to your hotel for a good night’s sleep.

Day 4: Matale to Nuwara Eliya

After a lovely breakfast you will be taken to your next destination, Nuwara Eliya

You will visit Hanumaji temple, seetha amman temple, Gayatri Peedam and Ashok Vatika

Sri Baktha Hanuman Temple,Ramboda – (Approximately 1 ½ Hrs Drive)

The Chinmaya mission of Sri Lanka constructed a temple with Hanuman as the presiding deity on these hills of Ramboda where Hanuman was looking for Sitadevi. Thousands of devotees attend special poojas that are held on every full moon day.

Gayathri Pedam

It is thought to be the site where Meghanath, King Ravana's son, worshiped Lord Shiva with prayers and penance before asking the god for supernatural abilities.

Seetha Amman Temple, Seetha Eliya. – (Approximately 20 Minutes' Drive)

During her stay at Ashoka Vatika, Sitadevi had her needs met by the stream that flows from the hill. It is reported that she took a bath in this brook. By the bank of this stream, a temple has now been built for Lord Rama, Sitadevi, Luxshmana, and Hanuman.

It's important to note that footprints like those of Lord Hanuman—some small, others gigantic Ashoka Vatika—have been discovered beside this river.

The Hakgala Botanical Garden, in the Seetha Eliya neighborhood adjacent to the tourist destination of Nuwara Eliya, is thought to be its current location. The Sita Amman Temple is located in the Sita Pokuna, a desolate location atop the Hakgala Rock Jungle where Sita is supposed to have been imprisoned. The Sita Pokuna sits at the base of the Hakgala Rock formations. Another related location is Sita Jharna, where Sita took a bath in a creek at Sita Eliya.In recent years, the site has drawn media attention due of its association with Hindu doctrine.

After gazing at beautiful destinations, you will be taken back to your hotel for a peaceful sleep.

Day 5: Ella Excursion

After breakfast you will be taken for Ella excursion. You will visit Agni Pariksha temple, Ravana Cave and Ravana falls

Divurmpola (Agni pariksha temple)

A place where oaths are taken is referred to as a divurmpola. After being delivered from King Ravana, Sitadevi was put to the test to demonstrate her virginity by submitting herself to the flames. Nevertheless, she escaped unharmed and demonstrated her holiness throughout this ritual at this location.

Ravana Ella Falls

A stunning waterfall that is 1080 feet high and flows into many falls is located close to the Ella to Wellawaya road, around 6 kilometers south of Ella. Near a road curve, a stream that is a tributary of Kirindi Oya plunges into the valley through a number of ledges with a foaming spray. Wewatenna Highland, above the cliffs, is where the waters rise. The rock beneath Sri Lankan waterfalls often comprises of strong gneiss or granite, but in this instance, the substance is khondalite, a form of limestone that degrades more quickly. As a result, there are numerous caverns close to the falls. According to mythology, King Ravana from the Ramayana dwelt in one of the caves above the waterfalls.

Ravana Cave

The genius of King Ravana's architecture is undeniably demonstrated by these tunnels. These tunnels provided both a speedy route through the hills and a private path. All of the significant cities, airports, and dairy farms were connected by these tunnels. These tunnels are clearly man-made constructions rather than organic structures, as shown by a detailed inspection.

After a full day of excursion, you will be taken back to your accommodation in Nuwara Eliya to spend a lovely night.

Day 6: Nuwara Eliya to Negombo

After having your breakfast, you will be taken to Negombo. On the route you will also visit the tea garden and taste what actual tea tastes like.

Your night will be arranged at the luxurious Jetwing Blue hotel in Negombo.

Day 7: Departure From Sri Lanka

After having a lovely breakfast, check out of the hotel. The driver will take you to the airport so that you can board your flight back home. We are sure that you will take back a backpack full of memories with you.